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Our blogs focus on UX design and related disciplines. These topics are not always very well articulated as to how they impact businesses.We write blogs for product managers, startup founders, CEOs, SMB business owners to help them understand the benefits of providing superior user experience to their customers and employees.
We write on UX design for B2B mobile apps and related topics such as UX research, usability testing, and B2B mobile app development trends, digital marketing, digital transformation for SMBs, industry insights, best practices, hiring, and more. We always welcome feedback, constructive, and complimentary. Please let us know if you would like us to cover any other specific topics.

21 05 , 2020

How to Improve Products Using UX Design-led Algorithms

“OK, Google, play my Friday Starts Now playlist.”

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12 03 , 2020

UX vs UI – Understand the Difference

When it comes to designing applications, modern businesses that want to be competitive realize the need to provide exemplary user experience, while also regarding user experience as the ultimate[…]

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14 02 , 2020

Choosing the Right B2B Mobile App UX Design Agency

As businesses adjust to changing consumer preferences, they have to respond to consumer demands. One of the main aspects involved is to ascertain which platform serves your business cause in the best[…]

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12 02 , 2020

The Mistake of Designing an App that is Output Driven, Not Outcome Driven

The rise and eventual dominance of mobile applications in the current business arena is a telling sign of how user experience has become the biggest brand differentiator.

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30 12 , 2019

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a B2B App Design Agency

The B2B marketplace is considered a rather traditional, desktop-oriented arena, but these new numbers tell a different story: mobile devices account for more than 40% of B2B sales for some of the[…]

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